Extreme Heels and Day Wear

As part of the lead up to my You Tube channel’s one year in existence, I’ve been preparing video and images to celebrate.  Yippy!!!!!

And yes, the glasses are prescription, and I use them for reading.😛  None of this fake clear glass for this girl – lol.  I was excited to get them. I wanted to look severe and terse in them.  heh heh.

The video I have prepared includes some ballet heels, corsets, and kinky outfits with public fun.   I’ve lost my filming piece of concrete to a rather large transit bus – I’m remodelling it into a room for my 20 year old, as he needs his space, and so do I. My little house is bursting at the seams.  :-)

Less babble, moe pictures!

Girl that dress you are wearing, is a bit too short. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not an astronaut. Girl whatever you do, I said, Please Don’t Bend… (1)

(1) Desmond Dekker

I first heard this song waaaaaay back in 1981.  Fell in love.  Found more ska. The Specials, The Selector, Prince Buster…and the list goes on.  At the same time, I was listening to heavier music by underground English Punk bands like The Exploited,  GBH and Anti Nowhere League.  I loved the Irish bands like Stiff Little Fingers – their passion inspired me.  Then there were bands like Madness and the Toy Dolls whose antics kept me giggling.  [click on links if you want to listen to some old sounds. I’d recommend Desmond Dekker and Prince Buster … oh hell, I recommend you listen to them all..so much fun)

As with all this style of heels I have (two pair of boots and 2 pair of pumps) the heels fell off when I tried to wear them. These have had the heel replaced with a full steel heel, instead of a half heel embedded into plastic as they originally were.
I’m wearing a spandex wiggle skirt, patterned tights by Alannah Hill, What Katie Did Peasant Blouse,  and 5.5″ heels by 6ihf.




Side profile
Letting one’s hair down
Hair down. Glove off…

Getting a better view of you

The vinyl gloves really set off the outfit, don’t you think?
Glasses off, cheeky pose. Look out!!!!!
Showing off the tights
5.5″ heels by 6ihf, spandex wiggle skirt, What Katie Did Peasant Blouse, Alannah Hill patterned tights, Paris Miki eye goggles.