An old one, but a good one

Hello hello,

I will try to fulfil all the vintage Imelda video requests I can.

THIS one has received the highest request load, so it comes first.

It’s one of the first – third channel’s videos.  I’m surprised so many of you remember it.

Fond regards


Ballet Heels outdoors

Hello hello

Finally got the codecs issue fixed. Yay!

Today you see me wearing a Lip Service PVC dress, fishnet stockings and my silver PU ballet knee high boots. Nothing special about them, straight out of the box from the stock I have here – spray painted silver. lol.

I figure this will be the last public video I make this year but you never know, there could be some more, depending on how much time I have.

Thank you for watching, rating and commenting on my videos. I appreciate it greatly.😀

Have a lovely day




[EDITED to add photos]