Ballet Heels Zurich – the full video


I have no idea what happened to the other video, because it took 84 mins to load, and was 700mb … and it’s been reduced to the first minute or so by youtube.

Here is the day before:

I split it up so now it’s in HD as it was originally filmed:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


A year ago today this was taken. Oh how time flies and things change.

Guessing I have no need to go to Zurich again, thankfully I have a great memory and have photos and video to remind me.

This was filmed over a long day but for obvious reasons I cannot load the whole thing to youtube.

I wear a dress by an Aussie company called Cue. It’s from last year’s spring line. They only make a few. It was around the 3-350AUD mark. The jacket is from an outlet store and cost me $6. The bag I carry around is by Modapelle and is hand painted.

I got asked the other day how long I can hang out in ballet heels. *shrugs shoulders* as long as I need to I guess. :-D  

The people who stopped me to talk about the boots were very nice and very inquisitive as to how I can stand on my toes and walk around like it doesn’t matter. It was nice. :-)

I wear ballet heels as a feminist expression. What does that mean? Well, I believe I have the right to dress as I wish without suffering discrimination (as by removal of this or any other video from my youtube channel) or people on the street.

There is nothing in this video that is any way inappropriate or that breaches the terms of service, or community rules at youtube at all.

I am fully clothed and I am in public.
I am not sexualising myself in any way.
I am not performing dangerous or harmful acts or encouraging anyone to do so. I train very hard to be able to wear this footwear safely.
It is almost like an elite sport to be up on my toes for hours and hours without a rest.
However, as it is my right, I am enjoying myself – and these days, as many people do – I would like to share it with the public. :-)




Oh hey there!!!

I’ve been looking for tutorial movies for BALLET-HEELS and came across a whole lot of older movies.

I’ve had to remake a few of them from their raw files.

Here is one of my favourites:

Silver Ballet Heels.  Love these boots, seriously feel like the alien who loved Dr Smith in Lost in Space!!!  (haha! Google it Youngies)

Ballet Heels long walk around Zurich

Day Two in Zurich.  :-)

Have a lovely day