Corset Dress – lacing video

Oooh.  Look!!!!

Lacing the hobble corset before I made the video of me wandering around the kitchen area in ballet heels….found that video too!!!!


Dailymotion restored this video in a matter of seconds after it was found to breach a copyright claim. I responded to their claim and I got a return response within hours. When I wrote to them and told them that I had already deleted the video as per instructions but gave an explanation as to the video and soundtrack and it was restored within a minute or two of pressing the send button.

Well well. It CAN be done.



Update 30 April 2011

Hello all

Some of you have been wondering if I’m making progress with the remodelled corset and if it still fits as well and whether or not I can close it for an internal measurement of 16″ or 40.64cm.

Yes. I am making progress with it, it still fits and … I can close it for an internal measurement of 16″ – the corset itself, as I rightly should have mentioned prior actually closes fully at 15″ but I leave it with a gap at 16″ internal measurement. It is fairly squooshy enough right now.😛 The outer measurement of this corset is 19″. That indicates 3″ of fabric, bones, busk and supporting steels.  I’d love to find a garment that can give a reduction like that, without the outer bulk.  :-)

So, yesterday I put on a catsuit and the corset, a pair of ballet heels and went out for a wander. Sadly we got about 30 seconds of footage as there was a major malfunction with the camera.  I’ve stitched it together with some lacing corset film from today.🙂

and the video:

Have a lovely day