Talking about the Ducati – well not really, it’s a picture post. ;-)


Sorry that the content on the site is rather limited right now.

I don’t have enough room to upload images or video here at the moment.

Apparently I’m to pay some dollars to activate the extra storage which should release the images and videos back to public view…I simply can’t afford to keep paying for the site as I have been over the years.

To know that others make money from my free content still manages to stick in my craw somewhat.




Tis the season to be Bikini

Hello and warmest of greetings for the season,

Today I wear Peter Chu’s Kitty Heels and a “matching” bikini.  It will be 30 or so degrees today.  Perfect weather for relaxing in my little pool and watching the clouds form into a storm. 🙂

It's really all about the heels...
It’s really all about the heels…

Not entirely shoe related

However,  it does somewhat explain why I haven’t bothered to make a video for such a long time.

A month ago a new couple moved into the house next door.  They hadn’t even settled in and the violence started.  The mother aims it at the kids mostly.  It’s terrible.  The boyfriend who I found out yesterday is a sneaky intravenous ICE user (due to the woman loudly broadcasting it through the neighbourhood) and that she was ejecting him from the house.

This is a daily occurrence and has been since they moved in.  The crappiest thing about it is, that due to me being in a Housing Trust home,  the home owning neighbours are somehow blaming ME for not getting it sorted.

Factual information:

  1. Housing Trust is purely responsible for the land and dwelling.  If they are in reasonable condition then they do not intervene in family violence situations;
  2. The Police are responsible for domestic violence incidents, but due to them rarely turning up on time, the noise is over and nothing to report;
  3. They have come through the refuge system.  Stipulations on them living in the home are strict.  If as we suspect, she went through DV counselling and was given the home to escape him (eg, she came from Bumfuck NSW and got priority housing over people who live in the ACT who have waited for over 278 weeks to be moved – on priority) and if he’s there – she loses the home;
  4. I have absolutely no power in this situation at all.  A friend of mine did warn them to stop harassing me; and scoping out my house and yard for things to take but I had no part in that at all;
  5. If there’s any noise coming from there today,  I am calling the cops. There are two little kids in there who were involved in the arguing yesterday.  If I’m scared of them, imagine what the kids feel?
  6. I did record some of the “conversations” the mother has with the kids due to not being sure if what I was hearing was what I was hearing.

I had been sleep deprived due to ICEman playing his stereo at full boar into the wee hours of the morning, and politely asking him to keep it down at night was met with louder stereo until 4 and some of the things I’ve done have been; now I got a decent few nights – a little odd.  Sleep deprivation makes for Crazy Suzan, that’s for sure.  I know not to record people without their permission…So yesterday,  when there was a quiet pause,  I leaned out my window (charming really) and said “Take it as a given that when you’re carrying on like this,  I am recording you for evidence purposes.   This is your notification.  I know you can hear me.”  To which I got “I don’t fucking care.” back..soooo,  I figure I have her permission at least. 😛

Anyhoo…the point of all of this is – I cannot make a video in my yard without recording the neighbours going off at each other and the kids.  Don’t think I haven’t tried.

I’m actually quite worn down by the constant violence emanating from the house next door.  It’s constant and it has gotten to me, no matter how hard I’ve tried to not let it, it’s in my face and it’s LOUD.

I have compassion, oh yes I do.  But we make choices and we have to live with them.  I feel this is not a choice for me and in that I also feel a victim.  The street people feel the same, however, they think it’s my problem.

Having explained it to the street mediator, she will then explain it to the neighbours and hopefully they will report what they hear instead of leaving it up to me.  It’s a “class” thing if you want to know.  “Let the scumbag housing tenant take care of the scummier housing tenants.”

So. There you go.  Life’s little drama…and I’m a week ahead in my course and passed my first test with a grade of 100%.

Go me.