Huh? Is THIS for real?


I’ve always said “Take your best shot because when it’s my time to reply I’ll be taking mine.”

I found this the other day. Just a factual piece of reference material to the notion that some models are not fetishists but will do whatever they can to get you to their pay websites


“Hello, Oh dearly me little Miss who pretends she doesn’t know I exist.  You did your normal viewing of my new entries as you do each time I make one.  Thanks for subscribing to this journal and keeping up with what I’m doing, Alexander.  You changed your title from Queen of Ballet Heels to something less “up your own arse” I noticed, right after you read my entry on the matter. Actually you’ve been taking my advice for years now.  Nary a thank you though, but who would expect it from you?”

I received a threatening note asking that I don’t link to her profile or she will DCMA me for doing it.  I can link to whatever I like. I mean, she’s been using my words, phrases and I just laugh…

It shows how little they do understand DCMA laws and how to apply them.

So yah…This is for you Alexander and Co…

I was using it to prove that models lie about being fetishists under FAIR USE terms. SInce she has no disclaimer under her profile, and not every body is a member, it’s very usual to take the text and reproduce it, under FAIR USE terms. However to help her un-bunch her panties, I have related the text, which by no way is breaching ANY terms of copyright. as is using ANY of her videos, images and words as an example to teach you how much models lie about what they are.  Trust me, using her words, photos and images that are posted in the public domain are open to be referred to as anybody wishes.

I am sure though she’s upset because I’m right, she did upset fetishists with this profile, the fee scale on the website and her attitude all together, and now doesn’t know how to fix it.

My reply to her?

“You did all the damage to yourself.  One would think by now, having read my post(s) you would have taken note and made a few changes so as not to piss off the whole community at once. The links remain. It is NOT against the law to link to your profile”

 What does it say?

Basically the profile tells fetishists that she is a model looking for people to buy site time at her site or book her. That she runs jumps and skips in her ballet heels.  Sound familiar?   However, you’ve seen me do it, nobody, not even her site member has seen her do it.

Gems of wisdom Potter style:

“There are no fetish shoes or boots. People who have a fetish and use it therefore, have a fetish but not the shoes/boots.”


She then goes on to tell you that she can’t be bothered answering your polite requests for friendship. “Just do it . Or not.” – how rude of her.

Proves without a doubt she doesn’t understand the internet or how Fetlife works.

You are then given a poorly written English lecture by Professor Potter, Fetish Expert; on your mental problems as fetishists. I’ve been written to by Professor Potter, The Ultimate Queen Heels of Ballet Girl and it’s not easy to decipher.

Spoken like the absolute ignoramus she is.

She then goes onto further explain she is basically a model looking for your money or paid bookings for her and her handler and that she isn’t a fetishist at all.  Oh, and all us fetishists have brain issues.


Since Alexander seems to be blaming me for outing her nastiness (love how I get the blame for her poorly chosen words), I suggest you click on the link and check it out for yourselves.




Oooookay.  I’m going to address a couple of points here:

  1. Fetlife members are told to contact someone they don’t know before they make a friend’s request.  You can be banned for adding people you don’t know. It’s called being a serial pest.
  2. Fetlife is not FACEBOOK !!!   Facebook is a place where you mindlessly like pages and never look at them again.  About 10% of your likers/subscribers will actually follow you and comment.  3% of those will look at your links and .3% of those will actually pay to look…sooo much work goes into earning a dollar a day off your website.  Facebook is the consummate superficial popularity contest.  
  3. Fetlife is a place for real FETISHISTS to meet and talk online; share their stuff safely and basically feel comfy within a world that fails to understand them. Potter clearly fails to understand fetishists. WTF is she doing there if not shilling for memberships to her site?
  4. This little lecture from said model is an insult to every fetishist that ever there was. Shows a distinct lack of understanding of her viewing audience and she seems disgusted by the notion fetish even exists. She’s young, naive and really stupid if she believes that her profile has endeared her to anybody but the saddest cellar dweller alive.  Some fetishists are feeling “slimed” after reading it.
  5. She’s written how she hates the feel of latex, but wears it for her site. She wants to do mainstream modelling, but she’s too short and not pretty enough in the face to be considered as a top runway or photographic model.  Very few girls are. Not an insult.  It’s a simple fact.

The new “creativity”  she speaks of is a direct rip off of another pay site model’s work. The model gets up dresses etc etc like AP in her new video.  Think even archenemies girl has done it as well.  I think it’s actually been DONE to DEATH!!! I get at least one request a day asking me to do EXACTLY the same thing.  I don’t do requests and frankly, If I were to, you’d be paying for it before I even started.  Since I am not a performing seal or cheap whore, I don’t do requests of any kind.

Even good old Naomi Campbell has done it…

If anybody has seen this girl JUMP, RUN and do fabulous things in her cut down ballet heels, do share. I know the whole site is downloaded and placed on a torrent site, so one of you reading here, has access to this for free.  Do share if it actually exists.  I notice a lot of what this model says is contained within the words I use to describe my own experience with Ballet Heels.   I noticed a “tutorial” being mentioned but frankly … copyright DCMA – I already wrote an extensive tutorial that HAS assisted many to do what Potter does, walk in their cut down ballet heels. I am so happy for them that they have achieved something they set out to do.  Notice not one of them is charging some of the highest site fees around in order to watch them do this?  Someone else tried ripping the tutorial and claiming it as their own.  I guess people think I’m a door mat or something else, but once they’ve have me on their tail, it’s a different story.  :-P

They must have read the copyright warnings because their IP appears on the logs of that site, as it does here. *WAVES* Hello!!!  Your frequent viewing gives my site a ranking 1,999,000 higher than yours! Try to stay away. It’s best for your blood pressure, mental health and creativity.  I promise I never look at your site. I’m just not a fan of poor quality imitations.

So, dear ballet heels fetishist, next time you go to compare me with this model wait until I wear the same cut down bastardised ballet heels she does, and then we can truly compare.  Wait until she’s 48.

She cannot wear standard boots so it’s not likely we’re going to see her trying to do what only a very few can…walk in uncut standard length old style Devious heels to prove any prowess she might have.

Nobody pays me to wear latex, ballet heels or anything I do. I am free to do as I choose. My site makes enough money now to stay online without anything coming out of my pocket.  My time is my own and I give it freely. Comparing me to this wanna be fame whore is an insult.

Professional dancers should be better at ballet heels than numpties like me

I mean, out of all of us who walk in our ballets, she’s the “professional dancer”.   With all the training and skills she SHOULD have as a “professional dancer”,  she should have danced the full Nutcracker playing all the roles in her ballet heels.

Yet what do we see?   Cut heels, short walks reworked in the editing program, over photoshopped images, over use of filters on camera, a desperate attitude towards the site and the money it’s making, copying others who have come before her and a public admission that she finds fetishists dirty and stupid.

Coat Hangers can’t talk.  Take that advice please???


4 thoughts on “Huh? Is THIS for real?

  1. Eh, all you gotta do is keep up with sites. It’s easy enough to find the wonderful gals who love ballet and super high heels. Who cares about these gals? Anyway, they gotta make a living. It’s cool – and whatever – as long as they’re honest.

    That makes people like you and Pantera, the girls of,, Gina Queen of Heels, etc. that much more special!!!

    1. Yeah, I know some of those gals make money off their websites or shoots but it’s not like they’re surviving on the moneys that they make…

      1. Highly unlikely. Those paygate services are really expensive and mostly people prefer to see what comes freely. A well run business with many sites under their umbrella usually does well, but the models aren’t the biggest winners there either.

        I hear a lot of them work for free in hope to get exposure.

        To me the effort they put into interwebs fame, if put into their own lives would make them rather brilliant earners; but for some reason the majority of these “models” are looking for a fast way into the wallets of their fans.

        Have no respect for internet beggars.

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