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Hello hello

I know it’s taken a while, but finally I show you the neck corset that Paige of Bodicious Corsets made for me as a part of the Burlesque Ensemble.

I really love the neck corset. It fits beautifully and gives the right support for neck training.  The application for use is in my opinion to assist in the creation of a long graceful neckline.

I have a long neck from ballet training; and possibly some genetics.  Standing in balance.  That sort of thing.

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Then I show you my turquoise terror – named so because of the headaches I got over working on it into the small wee hours, only having to unpick a lot of it, because I did dumb things like sewed two wrong sides together… *rolls eyes at self*

Corset Features:

Heavy Duty Wissner Busk 22.5mm a side (7/8 inch?)
Heavy Duty placket bone at 25mm wide (1.1″)
16 flat bones @ 6mm wide
4 flat bones @ 6mm wide pre-bent
2 flat bones at 18mm wide
oriental brocade fabric
heavy weight fusible woven cotton interface
sheen cotton lining fabric
28 2 part size 0 grommets

*please note the Buckram was only used in the busk and grommet panels and it functions very well instead of using a fused interface, or a woven interface.  Buckram is stiffened cotton or linen fabric and is very strong.

I also recommend that you lay your busk and lacing pattern pieces on the fold line of your fabric.  For the loop side, I find it best to sew a line either side of the cut you will make to fit the metal loops through, or do button holes.

A seam can’t break, if there’s no seam to break.  :-P

So, I unpicked this baby a few times. Firstly I had been burning the midnight oil and put the wrong parts together. Then for adjustments. Then for resetting the busks…it’s a wonder there’s any fabric left after all that. Anyway. Reviewing ones own work is folly, but I did want to show you what I’ve been up to. All the internals of this corset, apart from the busk are harvested from old corsets I’ve dissected in the past.

I buy new busks. It’s entirely worth it considering some of the junk I’ve pulled out of corsets lately.  As it stands, my bone harvest is over, and I’ll have to start actually buying new spirals and flat steels.  :-P

The bottom part of the corset will flatten out and fit correctly when it’s completely laced. Like I said, I’m not a corset maker by any means, and just cobble together training corsets like this, until something better (now by Ms Paige) comes along. I’m obviously serious about it, but there’s no way I’m offering instructions. Just telling you what I did.


Peace out


10 thoughts on “Neck Corset Waist Corset

    1. Mm. I have had neck corsets that are more rigid, yes. This one is very nice though.

      Thank you about my turquoise terror…I would hardly call it that – but secretly I am very pleased with the results. Having shelved the leather corset until I can get some decent hide I was anxious to have a couple of training corsets at this size. I must get someone to make me a training belt. 🙂

      Your site is very good. I will link to it if I may?

  1. Love it my dear Suzanne…and I still want to see the complete photo set of you in your “bodatious” corset, the neck corset, the crotch hi ballet boots, and your single-glove…sighs…my ideal (grins) combination…

    re the neck corset…I had a leather one…but it tended to be so stiff that it prodded my chin…so I got another one which has a chin rest, covers the mouth – thought of putting an attached gag there…

    1. Hello Suzanne,

      Yes, I’ve seen those things on a couple of sites, and Persephone was wearing on in CaptiveKink’s video, along with an armbinder and ballet heels. Oddly the video was removed from you tube – guesses it was the bare breasts that bothered somebody…however it was a really good video to watch – obviously authentic, not set up like most of the BDSM stuff you see in the glossies. I prefer authenticity over the other sort of stuff. It’s way more intense because it’s real. You know the people involved are actually involved, and not just out to score money from what they believe is a popular fetish. Talk about transparent actions.

      This one is nice and soft at the chin, but does give my neck a good stretching…I wonder if anyone would be upset it I started to ring my neck up like this?

      I’d like a permanent collar to be honest. I’ve been told there is one being made for me from chrome and gold. I can’t wait to see it. 🙂

  2. Hello Suzanne,
    Well you might call it the turquoise terror, I think the corset is absolutely gorgeous and gives you an amazing shape. And it’s not even fully closed yet in the video. Seriously wow, it looks really really good on you!🙂

    *looks at sewing machine, and does some wishful thinking*

    1. Thank you. It’s a terror only due to my ineffective sewing regime. And all the unpicking…

      I’m happy with its shape and can’t wait to pull it right in on me, but taking it easy, because I know I should, even on a home made corset.

      I see the evil glint in your eye, very similar to mine when I started to cobble these things together.

      Go for it!!!

  3. My Dear Suzanne,
    I would have loved to have seen that video with persephone in the armbinder, corset and neck corset…I do have an account on youtube…sighs…and I too prefer the authentic people who are so involved rather than those who do it for business purposes…and somehow one can tell whether their hearts are into fetish – or not…
    Warm Regards from
    The “Erotic Snow-Queen of Tarts,”
    Bizarre Suzanne

    1. Oh it’s quite a stunner really – I’m sure it’s around somewhere on the net. I’ll get in contact with CC and see where else it’s been loaded.

      Yes. It’s so easy to see when someone is faking their fetish, or their involvement in the scene.

      I have a bug bear with it in a sense, but then again, business is business.

      However, unless there’s porn involved, there shouldn’t be a payment needed at all.

      I am sure the paysites suffer greatly since there has been the facility for authentic fetishists to share their world with others. Like you say, it’s so much better to connect with people who actually share your interests, in preference to the financial connection you will have with the models. From what I know, most of them are fairly rude to their subscribers. There has been an interesting trend since I came on the scene however, and it’s nice to see these pay sites replicate my friendly nature, even if they are still grabbing for your cash…

  4. Hi Suzanne, love the neck corset, never heard of it before but really thinking about getting one myself. Then I will definitely have to get the boyfriend to buy me a sewing machine – he did buy my my thigh high ballet boots so maybe the sewing machine is next since he is interested in corsets!

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