Di Marni Heels

Hello Hello

Just a short and tease filled showing of the black Di Marni pumps.

Please enjoy.


So, where do we buy them?

Look at the range ==> HERE

Follow the link to order – RUBY CLOE

What do I think?

These are absolutely beautiful shoes. I can’t remember seeing a hand made shoe that is actually hand made since I bought from Italian Heels and Punitive. However, from the bad press they are getting these days, it seems their quality has gone to the dogs, along with customer service, after sales service and anything else business related.😦

However, Di Marni shoes are truly hand made, unlike other companies who falsely advertise their hand made shoes. I believe there is really only a handful makers who really make hand made shoes. Those out of china are hand finished. Hand made – no.

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Fondest Regards


8 thoughts on “Di Marni Heels

  1. The two of you are quite amazing, that along with your art, you share your intimacy with us is really wonderful! I feel like an intruder, but I accept at face value your invitation to partake! Thankyou again eversomuch! Oh, the shoes? Unbelieveable, but of course you should have them, eh, who else makes walking an artform!

    1. Oh Pete, the more the merrier. I am in a relationship, that is a fact but it shouldn’t stop me from having quality conversations with other people and gaining and maintaining friendships either. I don’t want to be in a relationship where I am not trusted, and by far this one is the easiest for me of all. I have a free run, I am trusted and that is all I want, as I am a trustworthy person – I can maintain monogamy without a problem at all. There is love, oh yes. I believe in expressing love. It is a good thing. It really makes the world go around (not that money stuff).

      And yes, the shoes are amazing. I really do love them, and they aren’t even that high.

  2. Eeeeee those steel heels are amazing! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a stiletto stuck in a water drain on the sidewalk and ruined the plastic finish on my heel. No way that would happen with steel! I may just have to sell a kidney and get myself a pair of those!😀

  3. Hello Suzan, I am here as promised. They joined the “family”, these shoes are fabulous and some of those heels with steel … very thrilling. Your blog is beautiful and interesting.
    Thanks again …have a nice evening


  4. hi suzan.

    i saw this video on a friend’s computer but i can’t seem to view it mine. is it possible for you to upload this video to your youtube page? you are truly a beautiful and sexy woman. your ability to walk in heels is simply amazing. hope you get to upload soon, i’m a big fan now!

    and if you have any other videos of you walking in your di marni shoes (in public), please upload those as well.

    thanks for giving me a vision of the ideal woman

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