on me 1

4 thoughts on “on me 1

  1. WOW! I am so shocked that you wore it, I would be too scared to break it! Well, I suppose it must have been so hard not to, seeing how lovely it is! I am so beside myself with this, I must get myself one someday.

    – Paige of Bodicious Corsets.

    1. It’s really sturdy. It’s not going on again however. It’s photographed for posterities sake…I am having it put behind glass.

      I didn’t lace it too tight, it was on for only a few minutes while it was photographed.

      I promise it is being well treated and cared for.


  2. Glass! Oh wow, I would love to see that. You are building up quite the collection of vintages, you may have yourself a fine museum some day!

    As for you wearing it, I have no problem with that! If anything, I applaud you for having the chance to wear such a timeless garment, if only for a few minutes.

    – Paige of Bodicious Corsets.

  3. IF you are using this photo please bring the credit back to me. I have not watermarked it so from YOUR point of view it’s open game. Not so. Since the whole journal is protected by copyright, please acknowledge me as the source. Regards, Suzan

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