Seasonal offering number one!

I managed to salvage some video from yesterday’s crazy computer crisis, and have included the pony heels at the end of this video.   Also You Tube has granted me the rights to upload video longer than 15 minutes.  Ha. Imagine how boring that would be?

This offering contains:

Extreme Steel Heel PumpsVinyl skirt & tank top teamed with 18″ wasp waist corset- well fitting

Leather gloves and ill fitting corset,tutu, fishnet stockings, pony boots, fur trim and satin ribbons.


Video two is for boot lovers: Extreme 18cm single soled thigh high boots and ballet boots teamed with interesting outfits.
Video three is more extreme heels including ballet shoes teamed with interesting outfits.
Just a small thank you from me to you  for your patience and support at this time of the year.
However you celebrate it, remember to lace it tightly and climb into your highest heels…a bit of leather, latex or whatever takes your fancy can’t hurt either really.  :-P
Warmest regards




One Response to “Seasonal offering number one!”

  1. Suzan
    You look fantastic and I would love to take you out for a meal dressed as you are it would be fantastic.

    Have a great Christmas