Now this is a hobble corset!!!!

The work of Jeroen Vanderklis.
There are no words to adequately describe my feelings surrounding this ART work.
As it is said by The Random Pervert this person really knows what he is doing.
Simply Stunning.

11 thoughts on “Now this is a hobble corset!!!!

  1. i agree, absolutely stunning. i wonder what it feels like to be laced in this from head to toe, must be a divine feeling…

  2. Hi,
    Jeroen van der Klis is a dutch corset maker. See also his shop BizarreDesign.
    For about 20 years he has made me a nice strict leather corset dress.
    When I put on my 30 year-old ballet boots and this corset, it’s a terrible strain on my feet and waist.
    My compliments for al your (public) walks.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful message, John. That would be a sight I think, the older ballet heels with the corset as you describe.

      I would like one day to meet this man and have him make me such a strict corset – they fascinate me.

  3. If they had a “thick rubber” version of this, with just zippers instead of lace, I’d get it just for collecting!

  4. Agree.
    I would love to see someone wearing this.
    A video showing them slowly being laced up and becoming more immobile all the time.
    Perhaps also wearing ballet boots as well.

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