FYI – High Heel Tutorials

The Walking in Ballet Heels Website is back open.  Don’t forget to download the pdf files and watch the videos.


I shall be making one for walking in high heels soon, but really it’s about the same – exercise wise.  Keeping your body supple and flexible stops most common injuries and gives an ease of movement that isn’t evident otherwise.

I’m also hoping to do some videos with a person who can’t walk in high heels but is willing for me to show the method I use – especially for transgender folk in order to look natural in their heels.

As always, I’m happy to discuss your individual needs, but it’s very difficult if you won’t show me what you look like in your heels.  I am not capable of that without a video to reference and in this day and age, if you can interweb,  make phone calls on a smart phone, you can share a video with me.

It would also be of some assistance if you’ve been stretching out your body and can touch your toes.  If I’m offering my time for free – then I prefer it not to be wasted. The regime is fast, the results become evident within days; and the stretching is nothing out of the ordinary – can be found on any website dealing with body flexibility.







When it rains, it pours…oil


Click on image to go to Eurotune Motorcycles


So, I’m at the bike shop playing around with Brian (that’s what I’ve called the bike; an Ode to Brian Johnson of ACDC – all will be revealed, I promise in a spectacular fashion) and Anders tells me there’s a leak down the bottom somewhere when the bike is on side stand.

So, instead of waiting for him to do it as he suggested, I decided to have a poke around, found the leak, and it was fixed pretty fast. I’m damned excited to get the bike home in a completely running and rideable fashion.

Damned 32 year old bikes. It was coming out a bolt hole near the front of the chain, easy to deal with.

I watched with great joy a 1974 BMW 1000 rat come to life. He was spitting fireballs out the exhaust pipes. Spectacular!!!

The fellow who owns it; in his wisdom, bought a cheap shit electronic starter to replace the points system it was running – perfectly I might add.

Anyroo, after a lot of fucking around the bike started. Wasn’t a happy bike but it was going. Oddly, unless Anders removed the wire from the coil, the bike would not stop. Turning the key did nothing. Anders has a bit of work to do on that one before it’s right to go.

From the “scariest” bike in the shop, Brian has become a well behaved boy who starts when he’s supposed to and nobody is standing nearby with a fire extinguisher and fire blanket.  I was today with the BMW – at a distance, but would have run in and did the do if I needed to.

LOL. Don’t laugh. I am nervously. After rebuild number 2, the engine caught fire upon the first start. It’s cool now. Doesn’t do it anymore, but was apparently a bit of a thing when it went up.  People running all over the place. There were a few in the back section diddling with their bikes. It’s a thing at that shop. You go in, you take tools and you work on your own bike. Fucking fantastic for me – Anders really knows bikes. Since I started work I haven’t had a lot of time to go in and do that, but I took this week off so I could finish off the odds and ends I needed to on the bike.

Sorry about the daily updates, but I’ve been used to yakking on at Farce Crack (Facebook) – and haven’t gotten out of the habit yet, despite closing it down after the US elections.

Ummm. What else.  Oh. I fibreglassed a fitting onto the bottom of the seat so it can be secured to the frame; and finalised the Iron Man mask fuse box cover. Both lights work, the battery is secure and it’s bolted onto the guard. Not going anywhere.

I know. Photos.  I forgot. Seriously too ensconced in the day and all the fun I was having.

Still have to work out how to cover the battery from prying eyes and sticky fingers; but I suspect I’ll be working on that bike every week, doing a bit here and a bit there … I know it like the back of my hand. Takes nothing for me to pull down the front end and have it back together within a few hours now.

Me and Brian. Brian and Me. Nice ring to it.

I go now.


1890 Steel and Bamboo Boned corset

I purchased this corset many years ago. It’s a lovely piece and has stood the test of time.

As you can see, it fits me quite like a glove; as if it were made for me all the way back when I wasn’t even a twinkle in my father’s eye..or he in his.

The most wonderful thing about this corset is the pattern. It’s made to hug the body unlike the straight panel corsets you find sold today.  This is also boned with bamboo and the busk is metal.

Will be drafting up this pattern again, making it work for a larger body.  Yer. I make corsets and all sorts of things, but I do it on a one to one basis and charge like a raging bull for my time and skills.  That keeps the fakers and time wasters well away.

There is great value for money in the work I do, as you would expect.

I don’t bother advertising that I am a Corsetière; there are plenty around who will either rip you off or not. Many take on work but don’t have the required basic skills to sew anything.

Do your research; make sure you’re going to get what you’re paying for. And, if you expect a hand made custom corset to cost you $100.00 – you’re bloody dreaming.

You need to ebay “corsets” and get one from the other bulk sellers who sell the same stuff, just under a different label. All made in India/Thailand or China with cheap fabrics and strange patterns that don’t even fit a mannequin. But you get what you pay for … shit in, shit out. Approvals by “corset experts” are paid for by the “company”.

Most of what you see online is for short wears, not waist training. But many youtube videos showing women waist training in non-custom corsets, approved by the doyennes, despite them insisting one cannot train in a non-custom corset. When they’re getting a cut of the sales, their integrity slips down around their ankles like a pair of panties that has lost its elastic.

I’ve found when it comes down to it, many fawn over a corset maker but most expect a discount because they’ve been the best sycophant. When they realise that’s not going to happen, they turn on you like a ten cent whore.

The community is filled with green eyed monsters.  I call them The Sewing Circle of the Sisters of Satan; because they are truly horrid people who will do all they can to shut down a new competitor. They bitch about each other behind each other’s backs; the usual two faced drama shit. While this behaviour is accepted, things will never change. Calling it out and exposing it can help.  Bullies run the world…only because we who are bullied, allow them.

I learned a lot over the last few years, and as always, I find it best to stand alone.


Am I dead yet?

11059395_806129066148926_84468788739396928_nShort answer…hardly!!! Been busily spreading my magic in the Disability and Aged Care sectors. Has been a very good test of my character and how others see me.  I’m a good person; that is for sure.



Seat adjustment to old tank. New tank - surprise!!!!
Seat adjustment to old tank. New tank – surprise!!!! And yes. It needs a tub and a bit of TLC – but when it’s being worked on like it is, what point?  Tell Anders to use cotton gloves and not mark up the metal work?  LOL

When you care about people, the worst place to work is in an industry that caters to the “care” of others. It WILL do your head in.😛 Moving from a rigid fiscal care program to person centred care is going to take a mammoth effort. There simply is not enough time to spend talking to people who desperately want company and decent conversation.

Brian the Ducati is coming home this week. I’ve finally finished him.

It’s taken from April 2009 – despite sitting in the kitchen for a further 4 years – Anders took it in 2013. How the time flies.

I promised myself I wouldn’t do any videos until the bike was finished. Who’d have thought it would take me over 3 years to complete it?

As it was. Never More. Never More.
As it was. Never More. Never More.

But, if anything, it’s fairly obvious I am a woman of my words. Another deficit in the workforce and society, it appears. People CRY for the truth, but when you give it…they crumble and mumble and come after you with sharp knives to plunge into your back.

I have no idea what people are looking at here but I still get 300+ views an hour on this site. Odd to be sure. Figured it would just fade away into the shadows; yet, here we are.

Not sure what to think about it all really…pleasantly surprised?  Freaked out?  Indifferent?

Heely GoLightly
Boot Girl
The Heels Commando

and/or any other name you know me by.

What to do?

Hey there.

Have been thinking about the extra work I’m going to have to do to close this up and monitor membership requests and all that.

Simply don’t have time, so…I leave it open.

I’ve paid for extra space, removed old videos (sorry about that but even after paying for more space they wanted me to upgrade to a business account at $399 per year and that money can better be spent elsewhere.🙂 )

There you have it.  I still moderate comments but that’s due to spammers mostly.

Thank you all for being such respectful people. It makes this journey a more pleasant one, I can tell you.  So again, thank you.

Have a good one until I update again.🙂