Yup. Still here.

Not much to report. Just a shitload of personal stuff that needs to be dealt with. Will make a dazzling post soon. thx

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Version 2 on the feet

How to Walk in Ballet Heels – The Video

Hello all… Yes. I decided I would load up the final video of the set I made a while ago. Due to some cruds on Youtube using my videos to earn them money, I decided that I would in fact load up this video and put to bed any doubt as to whom the source […]

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A Tribute

It’s not often that I will post a tribute.  But never say never.   About Dunkin “This is the story of Dunkin, who was unfortunate to be born into abuse and hardship, but was given the chance to know the love of hundreds. Contact Dunkin at: Dunkin’s Road to Love & Healing. P.O. Box 46, […]

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Metallic Latex Catsuit – video

Hello, Here is the video I made the other day. New latex. New shoes, new latex. New shoes.  Boooooring!!! bests to you all Suzan

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Peace and quiet

…sometimes the only way to get it is to be six feet under.  At least nobody lies to you and makes you feel like shit.   Don’t worry. It’s not a declaration of an intention to end my life, it’s a declaration that I wish I could bury this situation in the ground where it […]

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Trollface Award

Dearest Sewing Circle of the Daughters of Satan

Hello they who will be exposed and ridiculed for their part in this fiasco.  Just sit back and wait. Be calm. This isn’t going to hurt ME one little bit. I’d offer you popcorn but if you saw what I got here on you, you’d probably almost choke on it – and then have me […]

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Latex Catsuit – Metallic finish

Hello, A new catsuit to replace the one that ripped. This is by Latex Catfish. 0.4mm thick 3 way zip entry stirrup foot so leg doesn’t creep up. Stirruped leggings are nothing new. Have been around since Adam was a pup.  When I buy new leggings (material type), I cut the hole myself, so this […]

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This is my "ball"

Update on Troi the Three Legged Wonderdog

and now for the video!!! It’s going nicely.  Sasha, the little black girl suffers from fear aggression, but today is okay with Troi. This was filmed about a week or so ago, and pictures taken on the same day. It take patience.  but after this amount of time, I can leave them in the yard […]

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Velda and now GORD

From his Fetlife Page: GORD On the evening of September 3rd, 2013 we lost a master, a hero, and a true artist in every sense of the word. His lover Femcar was with him till the very end, although not by his side. She was in her proper place, on her knees naked, below his […]

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FR Catsuit

Running in Latex

Hello fellow netizens!!! I mention often that I do wear latex often during the days, normally under street clothing because it’s been so cold. Well, Spring has sprung and the weather is gorgeous right now. :-) Today I share a part of my workout with you. LATEX CATSUIT AND A TREADMILL (crap. Sorry. Will upload […]

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Ballet Heels, Latex and a Freezy Balls Day

Hello, Another little offering by way of my camera and quickly done edit jobs. Today it was FREEZING cold. The sun lies. It was NOT warm.  Icy.  So as you can see, I nearly got blown away. So what do we have here? Aqualatex custom fit leggings and Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh Devious brand ballet […]

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Catsuit RIP

Literally. Sad face. Really sad face. Oh well.  Shit happens… It’s a sad reflection on the world when businesses seek to recoup their losses through insinuating their customers are trying to steal from them, and demanding extra funds.  Worst still, is despite it being carefully explained as to how their banking institution took fees and […]

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Introducing our new Family Member

Well, meet the goofiest, friendliest most loving fellow around. Troi.  He’s my boy. :-) Read a bit about his breed HERE Troi was found at the pound by Big Dog Rescue.  Thank DOG!! He was a little hard to adopt out, but when I saw his face I knew he was the dog for us. […]

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Latex socks by Fantastic Rubber inside clear plastic ballet hells.  Yes. Hells. They are hellishly cheap and awful.  :-P

Loverly lovely Heels

Hello, Do enjoy this lovely older movie of me in my ballet heels and extreme 18(19cm?) boots. With joy of the past and a promise to at least post these “old gems”, I leave you with “burned offering’ number one. Suzan  

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Partially complete...

Huh? Is THIS for real?

Heya!! I’ve always said “Take your best shot because when it’s my time to reply I’ll be taking mine.” I found this the other day. Just a factual piece of reference material to the notion that some models are not fetishists but will do whatever they can to get you to their pay websites.  FETLIFE “Hello, Oh […]

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AQUALATEX: Custom fit catsuit and SBRM

Hello, It’s been a while. I’ve been busy with dog rescue, dog adoptions and basically educating stupid people as to why it’s best to play the game, register, neuter/spay, chip and contain their dogs. SBRM The Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh (SBRM) is heavy as.  0.8mm of fabulous rubbery goodness. Amazing thing!  Highly impressed.  All seams are […]

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Hello! Yes. I live.

Hello fellow space trippers!!!!! I know there are some who were hoping against hope that I’d slipped off this mortal coil in some horrible ballet heel related incident; but sadly for them, I’ve been out doing some good work with good people.  Time slips by … weeks go by.  So, nyah nyah to those who […]

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Just a quickie

Hello, Seems like the latex will arrive by the fantasy party, so I’m absolutely stoked about that. Just a couple of quickies in the New Rock Cuna boots.  Wowza!  I know now why they are so expensive.  They are made extremely well with an awesome comfort liner inside the boot that makes it feel like […]

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NEW ROCK – Cuna Knee High Buckled and Hot

Hello, Hello!!! So, what’s been happening lately? Went to Melbourne, had fun. It was a GLOBAL protest…I attended Victoria, Australia due to their management of the law causing family pets being seized and murdered, or costing the government minimum of $100,000 per VCAT case, and the owners similar costs to defend their dogs.  Breed Specific […]

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Ballet HEELS – Tomfoolery in Melbourne

Hello!!! Went to Melbourne for a quick trip over the weekend. Leave me unsupervised with a pair of ballet heels, and anything can happen. Been asked for the video without the annoying track, so I’m posting it here. Basically they’re cut heels, and I’m trying them for the first time.  Like sneakers on my feet […]

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Winter: Vermin Hat & White Thigh High Boots

Hello there lovely people, Thanks for all your amazing feedback and comments you’ve sent through the system here. I am ever astounded how much my musings can affect and make better a life. I guess, even if one person has been positively affected by anything that is here, then that’s all I need to know. […]

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all in.  I look short.

Atlantis Catsuit by Fantastic Rubber

Hello A little show and tell today.  I’m so sick of taking my own photos.  Tedious shit, I can tell you and as you can see, some days are diamonds, but today was a bit of a stone. You’ll see me in my new Atlantis catsuit, a few hoods, gloves, shoes, boots . As usual, the […]

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The Shit Side of the intarweb according to Suzanzibar

It’s been a hell of a ride since I started showing off in public. It’s been great for measuring my own levels of self esteem.  Initially I was really pissed off at detractors, hoping they would just go away.  Now I realise that it’s more about them than it is about me. They will target […]

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Ballet Heels – Looking into them

Hello, Well, I’ve made two corsets (posts coming soon) for training in. I’ve also received this pair of ballet heels in the mail today: Yah. It’s short. I’ll do a walk a little later when the weather has fined up. WHAT I NOTICE RIGHT AWAY The lack of toe box is noticeable right away. It […]

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Ballet Heels – Outside :-)

Hello again! Here is an edited version of a video made a year or so ago now, various styles of ballet heel shoes and boots in the public arena, for your pleasure. Joyously,   Suzan x

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Latex day outfit – Aqualatex

Hello, Well, this is one of the outfits I have ordered through ebay, from a seller in Hong Kong. Yes. I know.  Many people are very suspicious of latex made in Asia, but I’ve found that the gear I’ve purchased  Aqua Latex (who I understand sell for Latex Catfish I understand) is very good. They […]

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Heel and sole  :-)

New Ballet Heels Video – Punitive Gwendoline, outdoors

Hello hello, Made a short video today to explain briefly about walking outdoors and on uneven surfaces using the Punitive Gwendoline boots I purchased a while back.  They are my favourites.  I wear them most often. I still feel it’s condescending to tell people how to walk, and in ballet heels it’s no different, save […]

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Corset: Commando Style

Hello, Yah, I’ve been AWOL here I guess, but still babbling on like a crazy person through social media. :-P I mentioned in the re-training waist page that I was off to design, or make a better fitting corset for my needs.  So, here is proto-type number one. You’ll notice a couple of differences with […]

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iphone 090

Ballet Heels Corsets and the BUS

G’day! Here’s another re-upload, but..due to file size limitations I’ve reworked it.  The audio isn’t relevant anymore so I figured setting it to my fave song of all times might be better done. Have fun Suzan x NB: The red corset with black external boning channels, when originally sent to me was a 17″ internal waist […]

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Ballet Heels – Gwendoline

Hello, It’s been a while since these little beauties came into my home and I have worn them in. I have found them to be easy to walk in.  Like an absolute pleasure. I believe that these are designed for walking unlike the Chinese made Devious and non branded vinyl boots you find on ebay. […]

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Can’t sleep. Remedy? Latex :-D

It’s 3.00am here as I write this, sitting in my catsuit, ballet heels off so  I don’t hurt the bed while I sleep. But before I do, I thought I’d load up this little offering.  I’m wearing my pony heel inspired ballet boots tonight. :-) And…yes. The latex doll needs socks and gloves for total […]

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Corset – Bodicious

Hello hello, Just looking through my old videos.  Found this one. Thought I might share it.       A new “old” video for you to view.  :-) Do enjoy.   :-)   Suzan x

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FR Catsuit

LATEX LATEX – new FR catsuit

          Yesterday I made an order with Fantastic Rubber for this catsuit in black with clear panels and silver details. Quite frankly I am very excited about this, as it’s a move from basic black into drama and art.  Sorry about the edit, BTW, I must have highlighted the text accidentally, […]

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Latex Leggings – first impressions ;-)

Hello Well, here they are finally…time gets away. PURCHASED FROM HERE I’m very happy with these.  I have no drama at all. They smell like the FR catsuit does, so I knew they’d be okay to put on my body, and I was right !!!! Have a little movie for you letting you know what […]

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Latex Doll Day

Hello, hello, Well I did say that I was going to expound upon the little teasery I posted just before, and here it is. I have to limit my videos to certain sizes to enable uploads here, but I feel if I put this at YouTube my “admirer” would instantly flag it. Therefore, this is […]

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I am the Heels Commando

but why? Seriously, if this fucks up, I’m chucking in the towel for the day. :-P But, watch as I age disgracefully, the only way to slip off this mortal coil. Suzan x

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Latex Dresses for day time wearing fun

Hello, Well this is the start of my latex dressing for street wear collection. What say you? I will do a good review of the items in the page that I have earmarked for that sort of stuff, because this entry will get lost in with the rest of the entries. le movie…re-processed with noice […]

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Leather Masks – Home Crafts with Suzanzi

Hey there, Been wondering what a possessed maker of shoes does when she can’t make shoes? Answer: She starts making animal faces out of formed leather. :-) I have been asked to do a tutorial, but really don’t have the time right now – I’m not planning on selling them or making them for other […]

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Heel and sole  :-)

Ballet Heels – Punitive Shoes Gwendoline

Hello I promised I would take a good look at Punitive Shoes ballet boots and this is the first in what I believe to be many pair that will grace my cupboard space. I would like to introduce you to Gwendoline: Upon initial view I noticed: no zipper or speed laces ;-) the upper is […]

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New Ballet Heels – Punitive Shoes

  Hello all, Just a little teaser for you. I received my Punitive Shoes Gwendoline’s in the mail the other day.  I have shown my FB friends a quick photo or two and now I am going to share it with you. This evening I will start on my review of these boots and comparisons […]

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Introducing Miss Kitteh

Hello Hello :-D As I mentioned in the entry before, Pride Pony – I would introduce you to Miss Kitteh.  So without further ado… Vinyl Kitteh :-) Ooops. The mask is leather like the pony mask is.  I made it myself. >.< and here is some further silliness via video :-) Do have fun.  I did […]

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Pride Pony

Hey there, The night I photographed my Candy Pink Pony Girl kit, I also made this very silly little movie. Exploring anima/animus in this way is very interesting. Being able to discard a human head space and indulge yourself in this kind of play is almost child-like.  If you can let yourself go right into it, […]

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LATEX -Fantastic Rubber

Hello my lovelies! Today I spent part in latex and remembered to film it , yay me!!!! This Fantastic Rubber suit and corset are amazing.   Fits like a glove.  I always feel bouncy when I wear my latex.   Plans are to secure a nice pencil skirt and t-shirt from Catalyst Latex.  Perhaps a nice lingerie […]

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