Putting on the Latex Catsuit – from go to whoa!

Hello and how are you?

So, this is the video I shot of my first experience with latex.  My catsuit and corset are custom made to fit me by Fantastic Rubber.  I’ve never done this before.

It was early in the morning. I woke up, did my biz and then went to the workroom to put on the latex.  :-P  Was rather keen.

It’s also very cold here at the moment which is why I remained somewhat clothed until it was time to be not clothed :-P As would be obvious, there is some nudity which is necessary when putting on a catsuit. But you have been warned.

Have fun


[EDIT 19/2/13]    Wow. What a busy little video this has turned out to be.  Looks like I’m running a very popular you tube channel with bazillions of views.  So. It’s obvious you love me in latex as much as I do.

Future plans are for hoods gloves and full rubber doll encasements.  I think it might be fun to be a dolly for a day.

At the time of this purchase, I had this big hair and no idea how to contain it in latex or even design a hood to suit it, but now that I am almost bald it is easier to fit under the material.

Thanks for watching, if any of you feels to support my efforts, contact me and we can discuss.

Thank you



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18 Responses to “Putting on the Latex Catsuit – from go to whoa!”

  1. You look positively amazing, all shiny!!

  2. It’s amazing how much the neck can strech … and when you finish we can see how the air is push out of the suit to create the beautiful second skin effect. The suit look really well made, I can’t see any seams is the video. All you need now is somebody to make you shine with a good polish ! Thanks for sharing.

  3. So happy you can now wear it. You look super!

  4. You look really good in it!!! wow!

  5. have great fun in this catsuit !

  6. Isnt Fantastic Rubber the best!!! Looking good! Welcome to a new world of fun ;)

    • From what I can gather from the comments and what I’ve seen, the Fantastic Rubber suits really do fit beautifully. I am so happy to have crossed over without any of the annoying allergic reactions I have to other latex products. :-D

  7. Looks sexy on you! Awesome!

  8. You are looking very well. The suit is fantastic on you.

  9. Absolutley amazing!So beautiful!

  10. This looks absolutely fantastic on you. Add a couple of thigh boots and you can go scare the neighbors :). Maintenance is what determines how long this will last, and you need 2 products for that. To clean, use Hexi Blue – give it 30 minutes in that, then rinse. Next, use silicon oil. At most a teaspoon in a bucket of lukewarm water, and dump the suit in it, first inside out, then turn it and do it again the right way around. Then hang it on a hanger and let it drip (the best hangers are the wide ones, so it keeps the suit’s inside open. Be careful where you let this drip because it will get very slippery, but you’ll end up with a smooth, oiled suit that shines, and will literally *slide* on.. NEVER hang away a suit without cleaning, but after the silicon treatment you’ll find it’s almost impervious to being rolled up or loosely folded for transport (put a plastic bag around it, though). And enjoy – you just started a very addictive hobby :).

    • Thanks. I do this with it now.

      1. Shower with the suit on, and remove in the shower
      2. Wash with mild detergent
      3. Rinse well
      4. Lube up with silicone treatment and hang to dry
      5. store in bag.

      The corset is shined and left in a bag. It is more durable than the catsuit.

      I ended up wearing it around the neighbourhood wearing ballet heels. It was more fun that way.


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