Public Service Announcement

Hello As you know I log my webpages for various reasons. I want to talk to you about private browsing and show you why it’s not private. In the first image you can see a bluewin address listed up in the top section of the log.  If you cast your eye to the bottom of […]

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Answer Time

Hello, A few years has gone by since I’ve done a Q&A post. So, here goes. :-) Q. What made you get into latex? A. I’ve always liked shiny things. Up until a short while ago I couldn’t wear latex.  Found out about chlorination and have never looked back.  :-)  Now I have quite a […]

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The face I will be pulling when I am learning google hangouts...

Google Hangouts and live stream video

In February next year I mark my 1/2 century on the planet. I am having a party in the back yard.  :-D Alice in Wonderland.  Fantasy Dress. Since I know many of you won’t be able to make it, I decided that I am going to bring it to you. Over the next months I […]

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Protected: Standing your ground

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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img 1045

Oh I forgot about this video

Once upon a time I made these from existing boots.  People wanted pony shoes.  I am sad to see they settled for the “before” version of these instead of looking for something a little more befitting human equine goodness. If you want information on how I did this, please ask and I will reopen the […]

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Happy Days for you and me

Hello Showcasing Red Leather Italian Heels Knee High Boots with a 15cm heel and pointed toe.  :-)  Stunning, aren’t they?  Red boots always make people happy, these ones make people EXTRA happy, I am sure. Please do not write to me asking where to get the boots from.  I post links in the videos at […]

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Wonders how this works?

I do a lot of posting at Farce Crack, and I know that many of you don’t use the site…so I’m trying something out here. Click here to see most recent public post from me at Facebook profile.  Might do this once a week as I can’t link from the profile to here, have to […]

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New Boots and Shoes

Hello there and yes, it’s been some time. Personal life stuff is at an all time high right now.  :-( A lovely friend has sent me some of the most BEAUTIFUL shoes and boots I have owned.  Not a bending heel in sight. Has actually taken me two days to successfully load up this silly […]

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Yah, I know. Cross at the ankles..

Many Thank Yous

Wow.  I am stunned as usual with the absolute kindness from those who donated to get this thing up and running again. Now, I ask you..what’s missing? Because I own the journal, I can see everything. Let me know? Be soon with a video and some photos for you.  Have some surprises. Can’t wait to […]

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These are lovely and actually fit my foot.  Easy to walk in, a total go to shoe.  Have to treat them carefully, I don't think you can get them anymore.

Maybe you’d like to help?

I realise a lot of you are upset that I closed down the site. I’ve lost the video play option for this website. I’ve been asked to put a donations button up to help me with running costs and perhaps a professional shoot once a month to keep things interesting, so…here it is.     […]

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Vintage slip and Ballet Heels

Hello,   Surprise surprise!  Two videos for you.   The first is for the wonderful friend who gifted me this lovely slip.     The second…me talking.  much better….  :-P     Have fun. I did.   Suzan x

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thigh high boots with a 12cm heel - a few years old now....bu worthy of work.  :-)

Loving the cooler weather

Because I can wear boots!!!! Just got these back from the shoe fixit guy, and handed the ones on my feet to him for new heel pins and some fixings.  I’m not doing it anymore. Can’t stand the glue.   More later.   Suzan x

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Freshly done

Artwork – Leg tattoo

Hello, So, you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, if I still wear heels and latex (yes) and if I will be making new movies for this journal or my you tube channel. Yes. Probably. When I find something interesting enough to film. At present latex is out of the question as […]

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Where have I been?

Ha.  Working…and hanging out with motorbike mechanics.   Very soon, very soon.  <3   Suzan x

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Fun with Photoshop

  Have a project on the boil.   The Fantastic Adventures of Sisters Latex.    Watch this space.  :-) Just so you know I’m not dead.  Yet.   Suzan x

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Di Marni Black

Di Marni and the shit in Ukraine

Dear peeps, Just a reminder for those who will want DiMarni shoes. They are based Kiev Ukraine. As you know there is a lot of trouble over there right now. Just want to tribute the country by sharing this video.     They retail around the 600GBP mark per pair of shoes. Boots are more […]

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What’s been doing, Suzan?

Well dear friends, Some stupid woman broke her ribs on the left hand side a day before her birthday.   Not digging, not fence or gate building, not tiny house construction tests.  Nope.  Lost my footing testing out a hammock for hanging strength, slipped and bang, crack crack crack like dry gum tress popping off their […]

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Completely over the top Ballet Heels

Bespoke Ballet Heels for Sale

Ballet Heel Slippers These ballet heels are for sale.  Interested parties please inquire below… Inspired by a conversation I had with a ballet heel loving friend, these were created in September of 2011.  :-) Features include: Overhaul of heels so they won’t fall off; Happier toe area for those game enough to walk in them; […]

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pointy ballet heels

Re-visiting the past – Ballet Heels

Sound track was pertinent at the time.  Was sick and tired of nasty fuckers ruining my day. (Stump. John Lydon) Standing challenge.  I sped up the film because to this day, for me it is like watching paint dry. Wearing a zentai suit with no eyeball holes, goggles and a breather I navigate a short […]

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More Latex and Modified Ballet Heels

Hello, This is the last of the video from the ‘bare feet” day. I had just only taken off the ballet heels, not used any socks or toe protection so you can see how they mangle up after about an hour in the heat. The boots in question, or boot should I say? Old photo, […]

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Bare Feet and Latex

Dear My Bare Feet Friends, It’s not that I don’t post about my feet here and other places, just not at youtube for a long long long long time. In reality, I find it hard to believe anybody would want to look at my very well used old lady feet, but…there you go. Thank you. […]

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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 530,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 23 days for that many people to see […]

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More outdoors in Ballet Heels

Hello Here is a clip I found of me wandering around the yard, digging holes and all that shizz in ballet heels. I was dared to dig in them because at the time the person thought I would definitely not be able to do it. Do have fun? Suzan x

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A meme. Let’s discuss.

  This meme is floating around the web at the moment and…well, this is more the person I would think Jesus was; moreso than the Ayran version that’s floating around today. How Did Jesus and the Hebrews become White?  “In fact, the world’s most popular and recognizable image of Christ is a distinctly 19th-20th century […]

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Moar Latex in the Garden

Hello, I am sorry about the sound track to this movie. The lady up the back was using her mower but it wasn’t so loud, but when I played back the video it was all you could hear…chose the song because I thought it fit… Have a great day Suzan x    

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Cock-blocked Youtube Video

Okay, Seems some countries have blocked this video due to the soundtrack… *rolls eyes* Share link with your buddies who can’t see it and then everybody will be happy. Have fun.

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pink version

15cm Extreme Heels

Heelo Heelo!!! Just a short show and tell for those who love a classic single sole extreme heel :-) These were purchased at one of our local Sex Shops for $25 a pair.  BARGAIN! Branded as Electric Avenue but quite a lot like an Ellie in their shape – nice shoes.  Taken a beating and […]

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Can you help?  Please help me by clicking on the button.  What  a wonderful gift for me for Christmas knowing I saved this boy.


Hello UPDATE!!!! Buddy is SAFE!!! #5669 is under the care of Golden Oldies Rescue.  Thanks must go to Gina for pulling this all together, and for Errol, Mariette and Christine for their timely help.  Without them, Buddy would be killed – as even if I had the money, the “shelter” would not speak with me, […]

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These are lovely and actually fit my foot.  Easy to walk in, a total go to shoe.  Have to treat them carefully, I don't think you can get them anymore.

Walking – Extreme Heels

Hello, I had planned to do 30 videos this month, but having deleted all the files accidentally, I am calling that a fail, unless I catch up and count this video as two…since there are two lovely pairs of shoes featured in it. But since it’s the season to be jolly and all that stuff,  […]

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Some silly photos

Hello, I posted these at Face Crack this morning but know many of you don’t indulge. We were talking about skinny arms.  I get called scrawny all the time but I like to think I’m this massive she-warrior from Greyskull or something.   I guess at nearly 49 I’m defying many thoughts on aging.  If I […]

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Some stats for you…

…and really it must just kill this pair who work so hard to take your money… We all know this is why I was so disliked by these people. If you think how hard they work to get this ranking it would make one wonder why they bother.  When the Ballet Heels tutorial site had […]

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Monday is Tattoo day

Hello hello Rather excited about this one. It’s a design I doodled up a few years ago as part of a brief for Art class.  (as an adult student, obviously :-P) May or may not have some photos to show during the process. Not sure if the tattooist is comfy with that. But, never fear, […]

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What I’ve been up to in pictures

Next time – What I’ve Been Up to In Interpretative Dance in Ballet Heels..     A latex laden ballet heels extreme heels hooded pony girl kitteh post coming soon…it is after all…that month of the year. Suzan x

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Knee Length Pony Boots - Clydsedale

Dominant, Domme, Submissive, Slave

ooooh… What a title? Well.  People have asked me for years if I take a place amongst this mix. Yes. I do.  I am one and two. Gave 3 and 4 a go but topped from the bottom.  Most of the “dominants” I have had contact with are actually simpering subordinates faking Dominant because they […]

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Close up of the back

Seatone Latex Dress

Hello Hello HEELoooo!!!! Proud to show you the other collaboration with Latex Catfish. A very demure but not demure latex dress.  Perfect for balmy evenings out – the perfect time for it down under.  :-) Colours inspired by the sea for me, Can be any combination you desire.  :-) IMAGES VIDEO For my Shoe Fiends […]

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Latex catsuit in 0.4mm Radical Rubber brand rubber.  Custom fit item only.

Red and Black Hooded Catsuit

Hello, A collaborative effort between myself and Latex Catfish. So ^^^ this is the design rough.  While clothing cannot be copyrighted my artwork is copyrighted.  Unless you have permission from me to use this or any other medium that appears on this site, then you can fairly well understand you are in breach of copyright […]

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Latex catsuit in 0.4mm Radical Rubber brand rubber.  Custom fit item only.

Long time no see!

Hello hello Well, I have some test results that lead to more tests.  I’ll fill you in on it more when I know more – it’s a waiting game.   Twatty Troll Wanna Be Model is still pathetic, but that’s not my problem…just never believe what you hear about me.  Get it straight from the […]

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Yup. Still here.

Not much to report. Just a shitload of personal stuff that needs to be dealt with. Will make a dazzling post soon. thx

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Version 2 on the feet

How to Walk in Ballet Heels – The Video

Hello all… Yes. I decided I would load up the final video of the set I made a while ago. Due to some cruds on Youtube using my videos to earn them money, I decided that I would in fact load up this video and put to bed any doubt as to whom the source […]

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A Tribute

It’s not often that I will post a tribute.  But never say never.   About Dunkin “This is the story of Dunkin, who was unfortunate to be born into abuse and hardship, but was given the chance to know the love of hundreds. Contact Dunkin at: Dunkin’s Road to Love & Healing. P.O. Box 46, […]

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Metallic Latex Catsuit – video

Hello, Here is the video I made the other day. New latex. New shoes, new latex. New shoes.  Boooooring!!! bests to you all Suzan

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Peace and quiet

…sometimes the only way to get it is to be six feet under.  At least nobody lies to you and makes you feel like shit.   Don’t worry. It’s not a declaration of an intention to end my life, it’s a declaration that I wish I could bury this situation in the ground where it […]

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Trollface Award

Dearest Sewing Circle of the Daughters of Satan

Hello they who will be exposed and ridiculed for their part in this fiasco.  Just sit back and wait. Be calm. This isn’t going to hurt ME one little bit. I’d offer you popcorn but if you saw what I got here on you, you’d probably almost choke on it – and then have me […]

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Latex Catsuit – Metallic finish

Hello, A new catsuit to replace the one that ripped. This is by Latex Catfish. 0.4mm thick 3 way zip entry stirrup foot so leg doesn’t creep up. Stirruped leggings are nothing new. Have been around since Adam was a pup.  When I buy new leggings (material type), I cut the hole myself, so this […]

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This is my "ball"

Update on Troi the Three Legged Wonderdog

and now for the video!!! It’s going nicely.  Sasha, the little black girl suffers from fear aggression, but today is okay with Troi. This was filmed about a week or so ago, and pictures taken on the same day. It take patience.  but after this amount of time, I can leave them in the yard […]

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Velda and now GORD

From his Fetlife Page: GORD On the evening of September 3rd, 2013 we lost a master, a hero, and a true artist in every sense of the word. His lover Femcar was with him till the very end, although not by his side. She was in her proper place, on her knees naked, below his […]

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Parasitic Troll Disorder

Hello, Over the last few weeks I have been gifted with evidence of some of the most damaging attempts at defaming me I have ever seen in my life. All generated by one person.  Hello Kathy Chin. KathTea Katastrophy, self named iInternationally acclaimed model. You might remember her?  She was the recipient of my hand […]

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FR Catsuit

Running in Latex

Hello fellow netizens!!! I mention often that I do wear latex often during the days, normally under street clothing because it’s been so cold. Well, Spring has sprung and the weather is gorgeous right now. :-) Today I share a part of my workout with you. LATEX CATSUIT AND A TREADMILL (crap. Sorry. Will upload […]

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Ballet Heels, Latex and a Freezy Balls Day

Hello, Another little offering by way of my camera and quickly done edit jobs. Today it was FREEZING cold. The sun lies. It was NOT warm.  Icy.  So as you can see, I nearly got blown away. So what do we have here? Aqualatex custom fit leggings and Shiny Black Rubber Mackintosh Devious brand ballet […]

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Catsuit RIP

Literally. Sad face. Really sad face. Oh well.  Shit happens… It’s a sad reflection on the world when businesses seek to recoup their losses through insinuating their customers are trying to steal from them, and demanding extra funds.  Worst still, is despite it being carefully explained as to how their banking institution took fees and […]

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Introducing our new Family Member

Well, meet the goofiest, friendliest most loving fellow around. Troi.  He’s my boy. :-) Read a bit about his breed HERE Troi was found at the pound by Big Dog Rescue.  Thank DOG!! He was a little hard to adopt out, but when I saw his face I knew he was the dog for us. […]

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Latex socks by Fantastic Rubber inside clear plastic ballet hells.  Yes. Hells. They are hellishly cheap and awful.  :-P

Loverly lovely Heels

Hello, Do enjoy this lovely older movie of me in my ballet heels and extreme 18(19cm?) boots. With joy of the past and a promise to at least post these “old gems”, I leave you with “burned offering’ number one. Suzan  

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